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Vad är Radar Video Surveillance System?

Tid: 2018-09-20 Träffar: 71

Radar Video Surveillance System:

The Radar Video Surveillance System includes security radar, PTZ camera and management software. Once the radar and camera connected in the same network and bind through the management software, radar will provided targets information(coordinates, speed) in real time and feedback to the management center, which guide the PTZ camera to focus and track the target. In this case, the system can double check the scene to improve the alarm accuracy.


■ All-weather, all-day protection::adapt to all kinds of bad weather such as rain, snow, smog, dust, smoke, etc.

■ Active Detection&3D Protection::radar will active raise alarm and trigger video alarm to lock the target in real-time, record alarm video and assess to control center;

■ Intelligent&Reliable&Low false alarm rate :embed with intelligent algorithms, the system is of accurate detection performance and can effective filter trees and birds to reduce false alarms;

■ Simple operation &Open architecture &Good compatibility: :The system has an open architecture and can flexibly access to multiple security platforms.

System Components:

■ Security Radar: 24GHz-ISM-Band radar of FMCW modulation mode. It actively emits an electromagnetic beam at a speed of 8 times per second, and receives reflected echoes from the target to detect and acquire information such as the azimuth and distance of the target. Supports up to 32 targets simultaneous detection and tracking. At the same time, the radar supports ≥10 target synchronous outputs, giving the most accurate detection results in the shortest time. Using intelligent algorithms, it can actively learn, and adapt to environment to identify the target.

■ PTZ Camera:Track the target in real time, double confirm target and active raise alarm. Management software: Simple operation, alarm zone setting, real-time viewing, recording and playback function; open structure, support flexible extension to multi-level networking mode; provide user-friendly alarm query statistics, alarm display, alarm details, corresponding solution, etc.


Reservoir : real-time detection of personnel entering the reservoir, for example: reservoir worker, fisher, swimmer, etc.

Protection of critical facilities: real-time detection, preventing invader from entering into key area, ex. nuclear plant, electricity, energy plant.

Critical facilities protection: protection of key areas such as airport runways

Key infrastructure: oil transportation infrastructure, core base stations, etc.。

Om Nanoradar:

Hunan Nanoradar Science &Technology Co., Ltd grundades den 18 januari 2012, fokuserat på MMW intelligenta sensorer och radarserier produktutveckling, produktion och försäljning.

Nanoradar marknadsför främst obemannade flygfordon, avancerad säkerhet, intelligent transport, bilsäkerhet, obemannad körning och andra områden, med produkter som täcker 24GHz, 60GHz, 77GHz radar. Den snabba utvecklingen av företaget under de senaste åren har Nanoradar vunnit ett brett utbud av kundgrupper inom säkerhet, transport, UAV och andra industrier.

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