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MR72 Drone Obstacle Avoidance Radar With High-precision Supporting New Application Scenarios by Software-defined

Čas: 2021-05-24 Ogledi: 2

Nanoradar UAV“1+N” Solution

Nanoradar UAV“1+N” Solution adopts a altimeter Radar NRA24 and several collision avoidance radar MR72. NRA24 can accurately set the altitude of the drone during hovering and flight, with maximum detection distance up to 200 meters; MR72 is a 77GHz high-precision obstacle avoidance radar that can detect obstacles within a range of 90m in front, guiding the device to achieve accurate obstacle avoidance, to realize high-precision track planning.

MR72 Radar Features

* Long detection distance: up to 90 meters;
* Strong anti-interference ability: not affected by light, weather, environmental noise and electromagnetic interference from drone;
* Smaller size: Compared with 24GHz MMW radar, it is smaller and has wider applicability;
* High detection accuracy: Compared with 24GHz radar, 77GHz MMW radar has High-precision and better ability to identify obstacles.

MR72 Key technology specification

Innovation makes people progress and strong. With new technologies, new requirements, and new applications constantly emerging, it creatures a new future in the field of drones. After releasing the MR72 obstacle avoidance radar, it has been highly praised by customers. Innovation is one of the most important factors of Nanoradar development. In order to provide customers with a better application experience, Nanoradar has optimized the firmware of the MR72: Customers can more flexible operate by upgrading the firmware under the existing hardware conditions, combined with the needs of customers' actual application scenarios, discovered the better use of UAV obstacle avoidance radar.

Support alarm area customization
Different from the existing fixed alarm area delineation, customers can customize the rectangular area of the alarm area. When the target enters the alarm area, it will be displayed, but it will not be displayed after leaving the alarm area. It also supports customers to redefine the alarm area at any time during the normal operation of the radar to support more flexible applications.

Support targets number customization
Customers can flexibly customize the number of detection targets based on the processing capabilities and application scenarios of the flight controller, and set the targets number range from 0 to 63, to help customers achieve different applications of collision avoidance, obstacle avoidance. More application can be achieved by this function conjunction with the custom alarm area.

Support detection sensitivity selection
It supports two flexible selection of detection sensitivity: normal sensitivity mode and high sensitivity mode. Using the high sensitivity mode in an open environment makes it easier to detect small objects such as wires and small branches. While using low-sensitivity mode in complex environments to reduce the problem of virtual scenes caused by the surrounding environment. Sensitivity mode can be directly configured through commands, which solves the trouble of customers frequently changing radar firmware.

Optimize serial display mode

The serial port display mode changes from sector mode to target point mode: more target information output, such as angle information and speed information. It is convenient for customers to choose a processing strategy that is more suitable for their application based on the target information.

Support customer integrated customized services

It provides integrated radar design support, which can support customers' integrated radome design, including material selection, shell design, thickness and spacing assessment. It can support customer wire customization, so that the customer's complete product meets industrial design requirements.

New Application Scenarios:
* Unmanned agriculture
* Electricity inspection
* Surveying and mapping
* Oil and gas infrastructure inspection
* Highway and railway infrastructure Inspection
* Logistics
* Fire fighting
* Police security

O NanoRadarju:
Nanoradar, ustanovljen leta 2012, je specializiran za razvoj, proizvodnjo in prodajo milimetrskih radarjev za varnost, UAV, avtomobilsko industrijo, pametni promet in druge industrijske namene. Uspešno smo razvili več kot 20 radarskih modelov, ki pokrivajo frekvenčni pas 24GHz, 60GHz, 77GHz, 79GHz. Kot vodilni proizvajalec radarjev MMW na Kitajskem so izdelki Nanoradar dobro sprejeti tudi na čezmorskih trgih, kot so ZDA, Koreja, Velika Britanija in Francija itd.

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