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Radar Video Surveillance Systeem NSR100WVF

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Nanoradar NSR100WVF is a radar and video fusion intelligent alert system. The system gives early warning when the target enters into protection zone, meanwhile, positioning the target by detecting it's distance, angle and speed. After double audit of video analysis technology and AI algorithm, the system will determines whether the target needs to be alerted or not. This system realized fusion of radar and visual signal, which highly integrates the active detection, high sensitivity of the radar technology with video intelligence analysis. It greatly improves target detection and identification performance of system. With its unique radar video fusion technology, NSR100WVF is widely used in prisons, squares, sea ports, oil plant and other critical areas.


24 GHz MMW radar


Militaire perimeterverdediging, perimeterbeveiliging van de gevangenis, bewaking van de perimeter van oliedepots, perimeterbeveiliging van luchthavens, fusie met meerdere sensoren


Wide Area Radar Video Surveillance System, forming three dimensional protection solution

Proactively detect and obtain the target position, distance and other information with PTZ camera tracking and identification

Sterk aanpassingsvermogen van omgevingen; de hele dag en alle weersomstandigheden

Goede compatibiliteit, gemakkelijk te integreren




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