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Extreme ervaring: Nanoradar kondigt Continental ARS 408-21 Radar Test Software aan NSM Tools, gratis proefversie

Tijd: 2017-10-18 Hits: 62

Continental ARS 408-21 77GHz long range microwave radar sensor

Continental ARS 408-21 77GHz long range millimeter-wave radar sensor is the world's largest public detection range of one of the longest vehicle radar, the farthest cover of 250 meters, the test data show that the indicators can reach the nominal indicators, how to better use this radar, the test software is the key, for this, Nanoradar has developed a test software NSM Tools, and provide free trial.

Continental ARS 408-21 main specifications

NSM Tools main interface

The software supports six modes: ALL, moving, nearcoming, stationary, cross stationary, crossing

Support video monitoring: can support real-time video monitoring, and target test objectives for comparative analysis

Support simulation speed: for more convenient testing, support for flexible input speed, simulation of the true application of the test radar

The way to obtain trial software & Chinese version of the manual : WeChat message  name + company + email + phone or send email name + company + email + phone to application.

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