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[Иновативна апликација] Радарот со милиметарски бран му помага на јаглеродот да ја достигне максималната безбедност на енергетскиот периметар

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"Energy Development Strategy Action Plan" points out that we should strive to optimize the energy structure, and take the development of clean and low-carbon energy as the main direction of adjusting the energy structure. We will significantly increase the proportion of wind, solar, geothermal and other renewable energy and nuclear power consumption.By 2020, China's total investment in the new energy sector will be expected to exceed 3 trillion CNY,[31] and the installed photovoltaic capacity will reach about 100 million kilowatts.[32] “Energy Supply and Consumption Revolution Strategy (2016-2030)”makes it clear that by 2030, China's new energy demand will be mainly met by clean energy. And energy security is the top priority of energy development.

Business challenges:

Ø  The suburban power station has a large perimeter, making it easy for intruders to hide

Ø  Urban power stations and power supply stations have frequent flow of people and logistics, making safety management difficult[33] 

Ø  Power station and power supply station have many entrances and exits , various kinds of equipment and products, easy to lose

Ø  Traditional infrared, vibrating optical cable and other alarm methods, there are loopholes, easy to be invaded, often false report, and the design concept is backward, and it is difficult to effectively combine with civil air defense

Ø  The invasion of thieves/wild animals is very easy to cause safety accidents, leading to widespread power outages, bringing huge losses to the whole social economy


With the development of society, people's security awareness is improved, and modern security technology has been widely used. The traditional preventive measures are to set up some barriers or obstructions (such as iron fences, walls, wire fence nets, etc.) at the periphery of these areas, and arrange personnel to strengthen patrols. At present, criminals use advanced science and technology, criminal methods more complicated and intelligent circumstances, the traditional prevention methods has been difficult to meet the needs of key departments and key units security work. Manpower prevention is often affected by time, region, personnel quality and energy and other factors,so loopholes and mistakes are unavoidable. In order to prevent the illegal invasion and the safety of the plant effectively, the installation and application of advanced perimeter protection alarm system has become a necessary measure for the key protection units of the power station.


Radar-based solutions:

Nanoradar perimeter alarm system gives intruders a strong psychological deterrent, strong active protection, but also across the geographical boundaries, remote control, convenient management.


The system includes eight parts: front-end detection radar, acousto-optic alarm, alarm horn, network high-definition visualization camera, network transmission system, information processing center, friend or foe identification system, and system management software. Once an intruder breaks into the guard area, it can first identify whether it is the staff in the field. If yes, it will not alarm, and if no, it will immediately send out acousto-optic alarm, and upload the alarm of the command center. At the same time, the map and video are linked together to form visual alarm information.

System software architecture:


Карактеристики на програмата:

1. Precise perception:

Ø Strong target detection ability, strong anti-interference ability, strong automatic tracking ability, wide coverage

Ø  7*24 hours day and night real-time monitoring, not affected by rain, snow, dust and so on

Ø Intelligent algorithm, low false alarm rate; Accurate identification of people, cars and trees

Ø Active early warning before the event, intelligent video tracking during the event, automatic archiving of evidence obtained after the event


2. Diversity integration:

Ø  Support alarm, early warning, filtering and other detection methods, and regularly remove protection

Ø  supports electronic map, online/offline map, and real scene 1:1 presentation  of target invasion track

Ø  provides multi-level role division,with different management permissions for roles at all levels

Ø Open communication protocol, SDK and API, easy to integrate and call for third-party systems

Ø Support HIKVISION, Dahua, Uniview , KEDA, Sunell and other multi-brand of ball machines

3. Modern management:

Ø  Early warning, reduces risk

Ø Active positioning, friend/foe identification

Ø Quick response, sound and light drive away

Ø Unattended or fewer people on duty, reduce the efficiency

Ø Remote real-time inspection in different places to improve managers' ability to coordinate the safety of large power grids

Examples of power station and petrochemical station installation:


Radar 90°, full stereo coverage at 1500 meters

With 20 degree narrow beam and 90 degree wide beam two series of perimeter security radar, the products cover from 60 meters to 1500 meters, support 4 alarm output, 1 alarm input and 1 RS485 signal, to meet the needs of different industries, different scenes and different customers in an all-around way

ПРЕВ: Радарскиот сензор станува дел од концептот за безбедност на AIoT, што води нова ера на безбедност!

СЛЕДНО: MR72 Радар за избегнување пречки со беспилотни летала со висока прецизност за поддршка на нови сценарија за апликации дефинирани од софтвер