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Ọsọ okporo ụzọ nwere ọgụgụ isi na-agụ radar ebili mmiri millimeter nwere ọsọ na nha anya

Iche Iche Speed anya direction Azimuth

MR76S is the latest one compact type 77GHz/80Ghz frequency channel millimeter wave radar which researched and developed by Nanoradar. MR76S detect the reflection situation of millimeter wave through forward launch multiply beams fan-shaped millimeter wave, judge whether has obstacles at front and feedback the relative distance, speed and angle information between obstacles and radar, able to real time detect and trace the big, small vehicles, e-bike and other information on road. This product adopt DBF digit wave beam combine, MIMO invented hold diameter, far and near wave beam-forming and other multiply items advanced technology, realize 1.2-300m measure distance, support to detect 128 pieces objects, small and exquisite body, high sensitivity, stable performance, light weight and easy to integrate, product performance already been accepted by vast cooperate partners. This product able to be applied in the application scenes such as high speed flow monitor, crossing monitor, cross road income vehicle test, around boundary guard and others.

Usoro :

Ngwa :

1. Accurate distance measurement; 2. Small volume and low power consumption; 3. Strong anti disturb capacity and easy to integrate.



Tụọ arụmọrụCommon target (non reflex object)

Modulate method


Distance measure range

1.1.2~300m@0° & 1.2-200m@±11°maka LRR

2.1.2~50m@±45°for MRR

Distance measureresolution ratio

Point target, non tracing

1.2m(able to discriminate two objects under 1.5 to 2 times resolution condition)

Distance measure precision

Point target, non tracing


Position wave beam


90° for MRR

22° for LRR

Pitch wave beam


13 Celsius

Nkọwa akụkụ

Point target, non tracing



Gba ọsọ

-200km/h...+250km/h(+means far away target, - means close to target)

Mkpebi ọsọ ọsọ

Point target, non tracing

0.43km / h

Ọsọ nkenke

Point target, non tracing

±0.36km / h

Circling period


Antenna passageway quantity

3TX / 4RX = 12ụzọ ụzọ

Ọnọdụ ọrụ

Radar launch frequency

soroETSI & FCC

76…77GHz/ 80Ghz

Ebunye ikike

Average/peak valueEIRP


ike ọkọnọ


ike oriri

n'okpuru12V / 24V


operating okpomọkụ

-40…… + 70 ℃

nchekwa okpomọkụ

-40…… + 85 ℃

Ọkwa nchebe


Joggle types


The max support 8 pieces ID

1xCAN-oke ọsọ500kbit / s



Ogologo * obosara * n'ịdị elu(Mm)

137 * 75 * 20


Without harness



Shell front end/rear cover

PBT front shell+glass fiber, press casting aluminum bottom shell

Kpọtụrụ Anyị

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