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Dr Li Deyi soti nan Chinwa Akademi Jeni trè fè lwanj pwodwi mmar rada Nanoradar la

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In the afternoon of Sep. 6th, at the sub-forum of intelligent motion control system in 2016 China (Changsha) Intelligent Manufacturing Summit, Hunan Novasky Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, the parent company of Nanoradar Technology, has signed a cooperative agreement about setting up an academician station with Dr. Li Deyi from Chinese Academy Engineering and International academy for Europe and Asia, and has engaged Dr. Li to join in Novasky Academician station.

Under the agreement, both parties would integrate automotive sensors, drive brain and intelligent vehicle technologies, and focus on the industrial development of intelligent automobiles and wheeled robots.

 A ceremony for signing cooperative agreement between Novasky and Dr. Li Deyi

    On Sep. 7th, Dr. Li and the associated experts visited Nanoradar. Dr. Li highly praised Nanoradar’s achievement in microwave radar technology, and also fully affirmed the industrial development of its mmw radar products.

Mr. Zhou Kunming, Nanoradar’s general manager, is introducing the mmw radars products to Dr. Li Deyi

     Hunan Nanoradar Technology Co., Ltd specializes in the development, production and sales of mmw radar sensors. The products include 24 GHz, 60 Ghz And 77 Ghz, which are mainly applied to automobile active safety, automatic drive, Obstacle avoidance and altimeter for UAVs, high-end security, intelligent traffic, intelligent lighting and other industrial applications.

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