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Centrarse na integración: o radar de percepción do fluxo de tráfico de 80 GHz de Nanoradar ofrece a cada cliente unha experiencia extraordinaria

Tempo: 2022-06-27 Golpea : 6

Nanoradar released the MR76S 80GHz roadside perception radar in April. Different from the previous generation of roadside perception radar (such as a well-known German brand X08 radar), it is more cost-effective. MR76S staggers the 76-79GHz frequency band used by automotive radar, and uses the 80GHz frequency band to achieve a distance of 300 meters and real-time detection of 128 targets.


At the same time, MR76S has developed a 4-speed anti-interference function and a 5-speed sensitivity function to solve the problem of mutual interference (false alarm, shortened detection distance, false alarm, etc.) that may be caused by the installation of multiple roadside sensing radars at intersections, and supports 3 modes (Professional Edition, Quick Integration Edition, Enthusiast Edition) to ensure the convenience of customers to a greater extent. 


MR76S is aimed at various application scenarios such as holographic intersection mode, ordinary intersection mode, road section mode and park mode, and deeply optimizes the scene application. Through the software-defined mode switching function, it can realize multiple applications of one radar and meet the application requirements of various customers.


MR76STechnical Parameter


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