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Tecnología de prevención de colisiones de UAV nuevo avance: línea de alto voltaje estable a 20 metros, más allá de la imaginación

Hora: 2017-04-08 Golpes : 40

Unmanned aerial vehicles face the challenge:

All the time, UAV obstacle is a long-standing, and now on the market mainstream electric multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle obstacle system is mainly three, namely, ultrasonic, tof (laser radar ranging) and visual distance, all have more or less the problem.

Sensor Principio Altitud Exactitud Adaptive scene Advantage Desventaja
ultrasónico sonar 0.5 ~ 5m 10 cm relativamente alto de bajo coste ranging distance is short, interference large
infrared laser TOF+3Dmodeling 50m 5 cm relativamente alto dark light conditions are very sensitive, the effect is better interference, strong light effect is very poor, high cost
visual sense cámara 50m 5 cm bajo high precision, imaging weather, sunlight, reflector greater impact
mmw radar cw 2 cm high environmental adaptability, all day and all weather word the accuracy is slightly higher relative to the vision

What is a millimeter wave radar?

The millimeter-wave radar detects the target by transmitting and receiving high-frequency electromagnetic waves. The back-end signal processing module uses the echo signal to calculate the target information such as the existence, velocity, direction, distance, and angle of the moving object. Millimeter-wave radar has a small size, light weight, high degree of integration, sensitive and other characteristics, its unique through the fog, smoke, dust, the ability to achieve all-weather, all-day application.

Millimeter-wave radar obstacle detection report:

Tiempo de prueba 2017.03.31 UAV platform A2Flight controlS550
Probadores ingeniero Test product model NRA24
Test place outdoor reality Testing scenarios al aire libre
Test method target
UAV installed a NRA24 mm wave radar sensor, NRA24 for UAV obstacle avoidance sensor
for different types of obstacles detection performance

Detection performance:

Single cable cable GB 2x4.0 square, stable tracking 7m, detection distance 10m; multi-strand cable (3 ~ 4) stable tracking 10 meters, detection distance 20m. General trees, detection tracking distance of up to 50m.

NRA24 as a UAV collison avoidance sensor for different types of target obstacles have a relatively stable detection effect, especially for other types of sensors (ultrasonic, laser, visual) compared to the millimeter-wave radar on the wire, glass wall detection Outstanding advantages, due to faster response time, 50Hz refresh rate, advantage is more obvious in moving platform.

NRA24 is a compact K-band altimeter / collision avoidance radar developed by Hunan Nanoradar with 24GHz ISM band, ± 2cm measurement accuracy, compact size, high sensitivity, light weight, easy integration, stable performance, applications in Flight platform (UAV / UAS), helicopters, small airships and other many areas, the product has been applied to dozens of UAV manufacturers.

PREV: NHTSA o actualizará el estándar de clasificación de seguridad de cinco estrellas: detección de punto ciego BSD o será estándar

SIGUIENTE: Nanoradar asistirá a la mayor exposición europea de seguridad: IFSEC International 2017 en Londres, Reino Unido.