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Altímetro de nanoradar marchando hacia el sector de la aviación general de Estados Unidos

Hora: 2018-02-28 Golpes : 60

When people were celebrating for the new year 2018, Nanoradar supply chain still hold the fort to guarantee a delivery to the United States. What carefully packed in the box is NRA24, a reliable and high performance radar altimeter manufactured by Nanoradar under international standard, which was applied to private Aircraft. Speaking of radar, people are familiar with Patriots, THAAD, Aegis and other military radar from America. Why such a highly developed radar country purchase small radar from China?

  The flourishing development of U.S. private aircraft.Speaking of private aircraft and general aviation, We have to talk about the world's major general aviation power---the United States, where the "air taxi" development has reached a certain stage. As all licensed pilots in the United States can fly private aircraft, more than 250,000 pilots are pure private aircraft pilots. There are 20,000 airports in the United States, most of them individuals and communities owned. Research shows that 70% of the world's private aircraft flies in the United States. At present, the United States has more than 300,000 general aviation aircraft and has covered wide application field such as business airplane, private airplane, educational airplane, aerial spraying, aerial observation, public air transport and "air taxi",etc.

The key Component of private aircraft ---altimeter:

  When it comes to the U.S. private aircraft, we can not ignore its key part----altimeter, which is an instrument used to measure the height of an aircraft. Altimeter relies on barometer to measure altitude and display it by feet.

How does altimeter work?

  Altimeter of almost of aircraft is calibrated barometers, which display altitude by calculating atmosphere pressure. With a static port, a sophisticated lever and gear system on the outside of the aircraft, it can measure any atmospheric changes, which can be converted to altitude data. These altimeters measure height simply by measuring the atmosphere pressure compared to sea level. However, it’s performance is largely influenced by the weather. The weather system can cause pressure fluctuations and lead to unreliable altitude calculation. In response to these challenges, many aircraft add radar altimeters to aircraft instruments.

How accurate does radar altimeter work?

  Radar altimeter is of high efficiency and performance applied both on high-speed and low-flying aircraft. As we all know, weather and flight speed changes will influence barometer reading performance of altitude information. However, radar altimeter gives the accurately reading no matter how fast the aircraft is flying. That’s because the radar radio wave journey to and fro between aircraft and ground takes within a second.

Why choose Nanoradar NRA24?

  NRA24 is a compact K-band altimeter radar developed by Hunan Nanoradar Science&Technology Co., Ltd. It adopts 24GHz-ISM frequency band with 2cm measurement accuracy. Its compact size, high sensitivity, light weight, easy integration and reliable performance meet the demand of unmanned aerial platform( UAV/UAS), helicopters, small airships and many other applications in wide fields,and the product performance has been well recognized by many partners.

Nanoradar NRA24 help agricultural UAV on precise pesticide spraying

Nanoradar NRA24 aids logistics UAV to achieve accurate package delivery

Nanoradar SP25 / NRA24 help UAV on precise parachute

Nanoradar NRA24 help on civilian private aircraft / general aviation on landing

About Nanoradar

  Hunan Nanoradar Science & Technology Co., Ltd se estableció el 18 de enero de 2012, y se centró en el desarrollo, producción y ventas de productos de la serie de radares y sensores inteligentes MMW.

  Nanoradar mainly marketing on unmanned aerial vehicles, high-end security, intelligent transportation, automotive safety, unmanned driving and other fields, with products covering 24GHz, 60GHz, 77GHz radars. The rapid development of the company in recent years, Nanoradar has won wide range of customer groups in security, transportation, UAV and other industries.

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