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Seguridad activa | Nanoradar lanzó un sistema regional de videovigilancia con radar de inteligencia artificial de 450 metros

Hora: 2018-08-29 Golpes : 56

To better solve security applications demand for active protection and good performance under harsh environment, Nanoradar officially released the latest long range AI radar——NSR300WVF。

NSR300WVF is a regional radar vision fusion alert system. Once target enter into the protection zone, radar arise early warning and accurately locate it by detecting target distance, angle and speed. The video is integrated in the system for target review to determine whether it should be alarmed。

NSR300W adopts digital beam forming technology (DBF) to increase its detection range to 450 meters and improve measurement accuracy , which ensure reliable target tracking performance. Meanwhile, with classification technology based on machine learning, the radar can realize the intelligent classification of intrusion targets, including people, cars, trees and so on。

Características del producto:

All weather& All day protection

IP66 , 7×24h real-time protection in all weather, adaptable to bad weather such as rain, snow, fog, haze,sand and dust, etc;

Active Detection&3D Protection

Radar active gives early warning of the intruder, which will trigger camera to track the target in real time and record alarm information then access to control center;

Intelligent and reliable

Intelligent algorithm helps the system effectively filtering sloshing trees and insects to reduce false alarms and improve the detection accuracy;

Easy Operation& Open architecture & Good Compatibility

The system has an open architecture, which can flexibly access to various security platforms。

Digital beam forming technology (DBF)

Compared with the traditional single-array radar, the DBF radar has a much smaller transmission power when detect target at the same distance. In other words, DBF radar can detect target in longer distance than of single-array radar at the same transmit power。

Multiple beam radar coverage

Digital beam forming technology effectively increases the radar detection range and improves angle measurement accuracy, which can achieve accurate target tracking in real time.Compared with analog multi-beam technology, DBF technology has below advantages : low cost, easy to realize any beam。

Intelligent Classification Technology for Intrusion Target

One of the reasons why radars have shown outstanding advantages in the security field is that radars have excellent dynamic target detection capabilities. At the same time, it lead to problem that the swaying trees and grasses are also detected by the radar. These targets are collectively referred to as false alarm targets. In order to better distinguish different types of targets and false alarm targets, classification methods based on machine learning such as SVM and CNN are introduced. This algorithm collects a large number of data and train the algorithm models. It has achieved a good classification effect in the practical application, which can effectively distinguish between people, cars, trees and other goals.

Typical Application Scene:

NSR300WVF system can be applied to the prison, power plants, airports, river dike, ports and other important places require high security level with all day, all weather, and active security protection.

Nanoradar is to carry out the free experience activities, please contact customer service for application if interested in!

Acerca de Nanoradar:

Hunan Nanoradar Science & Technology Co., Ltd se estableció el 18 de enero de 2012, y se centró en el desarrollo, producción y ventas de productos de la serie de radares y sensores inteligentes MMW.

Nanoradar comercializa principalmente vehículos aéreos no tripulados, seguridad de alta gama, transporte inteligente, seguridad automotriz, conducción no tripulada y otros campos, con productos que cubren radares de 24GHz, 60GHz, 77GHz. El rápido desarrollo de la empresa en los últimos años, Nanoradar ha ganado una amplia gama de grupos de clientes en seguridad, transporte, UAV y otras industrias.

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