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Mae Nanoradar yn gwahodd partneriaid i ymuno â ni yn CPSE 2019 yn Shenzhen China

Amser: 2020-01-14 Trawiadau: 40

"Safety" is an eternal topic for car companies and consumers. The safety of heavy vehicles is more important than that of ordinary vehicles. In Europe, the government will equip clean cars, oil tanks and liquid tanks with radar anti-collision system and video system. In China, with the financial, human and corporate image damaged by the safety accident of special cars, more and more business owners have realized the importance of safety radar in the safety of heavy vehicles.

The“1+N” solution for heavy equipment collision avoidance, which install one 77GHz long range at front and several pieces at side, can realize FCW,RCW、BSD/LCA functions. The difficulty of preventing collision in ADAS system design of low speed heavy vehicle is solved.

This scheme can be flexibly configured according to the coverage area, and the danger alarm level can be set according to the distance, providing audio and photoelectric early warning, which can actively eliminate hidden dangers, prevent accidents and ensure safety.

SR73-F is the latest 77GHz short-range anti-collision radar. The antenna adopts the design of multiple multiple receivers and outputs 64 targets at the same time, with a detection distance of 40 meters, detection Angle of 120° and Angle accuracy of ±0.5°.

It featured with small size, large Angle, strong anti-interference, high stability, easy integration and high cost performance.

It can meet the rapidly growing demand for safety assistance in the field of low-speed heavy equipment and robots.

Mae Nanoradar, a sefydlwyd yn 2012, yn arbenigo mewn datblygu, cynhyrchu a gwerthu radar tonnau milimedr ar gyfer diogelwch, UAV, modurol, traffig craff a chymhwysiad diwydiannol arall. Mae ein cynnyrch yn cynnwys band amledd 24GHz, 77GHz, 79GHz. Rydym wedi datblygu cynhyrchion radar MMW 10+ model yn llwyddiannus. Mae ystod canfod radar Nanoradar yn cwmpasu 30-450 metr. Y cywirdeb yw hyd at 85% ar gyfer radar diogelwch i adnabod cerddwyr. Fel prif weithgynhyrchu radar MMW yn Tsieina, mae cynhyrchion Nanoradar hefyd yn cael eu derbyn yn dda mewn marchnad dramor fel yr UD, Korea, y DU a Ffrainc ac ati.

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