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Přivítejte zástupce BCG & LG na návštěvě Nanoradaru

Čas: 2016-12-12 Hity: 60

A group of 4 people from BCG & LG visited Nanoradar on December 20th,2016, wishing to establish cooperation in mmw radar fields in the near future.

LG Group is an international business group that leads the development of the world industry; Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a famous enterprise management consulting company; While Nanoradar is a leading supplier of microwave radar in China. With their respective advantages, the three parties hope to jointly establish a new cooperation model in millimeter-wave radar, to promote the development of millimeter-wave radar. Owing to its mass production capability in 24GHz radar and a base of dozens of customers, Nanoradar won the recognition from the customer. 

A group photo of representatives from LG,BCG and Nanoradar

Representatives from LG and BCG is visiting Nanoradar’s showroom

Negotiation about cooperation mode between LG, BCG and Nanoradar 

Hunan Nanoradar Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was established on January 18th, 2012. It specializes in the development, production and sales of mmw radar systems and radar sensors.

As a designer and manufacturer of mmw radar sensors and mmw radar products, the company products cover 24GHz,60GHz and 77GHz, which are mainly applied in automotive active safety , autopilot, height-measurement and obstacle avoidance in UAVs, high-end security, intelligent traffic, intelligent hardware and other industrial fields.

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DALŠÍ : Nanoradar byl oceněn jako jeden z předních výrobců radarů v Hi-tech okrese Changsha