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Clients from Dongfeng Motor Group visited Nanoradar

Čas: 2016-03-03 Hity: 46

 Welcome the visit of clients from Dongfeng Motor Group visited to Nanoradar on 3rd, March, 2016.

The talks about the research and industrialization of mmw radar were held between Dongfeng Motor Group and Nanoradar.  We would always adhere to the independent innovation concept, follow internal standards to design and develop our products, and carry out thorough and special test to every product, to ensure the safety and reliability of our products, and satisfy the core needs of our clients. It was a friendly exchange talks.

 During the visit, the clients were shown around our showroom, and had a insight on the series of our vehicle-born radar products. Later on, they visited the workshop, which was highly praised by the clients for the cutting-edge research level, production equipment and techniques. Dongfeng Motor Group said they would strengthen the further communication and cooperation with Nanoradar, to achieve the mutual development.

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