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Novasky Radar Life detector system –DN-III+

Pagbalhin nga Target speed Distance direksyon dalom-líyok

​DN-III+ portable radar life detector, based on the ultra-wide band radar principle, utilizes human motion(including expansion and contraction of the chest caused by human heartbeat, breathing, and limb swings)Doppler echo effect carried by the nanosecond electromagnetic pulse with weak signal detection and other radar signal processing algorithms, it can carry out large-scale rapid search and positioning of micro-moving or statics survivors trapped in ruins, collapsed buildings, or obstacles to assist in precise rescue. This product is light and portable, with advantages of strong penetrability in ruins and other complex media and multi-target real time detection & display function, which is widely used in emergency rescue missions by the search and rescue team civil defense, firefighting, earthquake relief and other special industries.

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Radar life detector system


Civil defense, firefighting, earthquake relief and other special industries


Stabilizing vehicles in just seconds

Strong Penetrability


Maayo ang pasundayag


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paghingalan, pagtinagsa
radar SystemUWB(ultra-wide band) radar
antenna TypeGipalambo medium-coupling UWB Antenna
Buhat frequency400MHz

Wall gibag-on20 ~ 50cm
Through-wall Detection DistanceDetection gilay-onnagapahulay, nagahunong targets: ≥25m

Pagbalhin targets: ≥30m
Numeros Of Nakita target≥3
Penetrated mga MateryalNon-metal mga materyales sama sa kongkreto, yuta, bato, Kahoy ug ang materyal nga uban sa ubos sa tubig sulod
Detection anggulo120º
Remote-kontrol DistanceIn bukas spaces: ≥100m
Detection katukma± 10cm
Detection modeOne-dimensional ranging/two kadako pagpahiluna
Buhat temperatura0-20~ 60
nga kabahin & Timbangcomponentsradar panon200 × 130 × 20mm
Size430 × 430 × 181mm
lig buhat panahon≥10h≥10h

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