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Novasky Handheld Through wall system –CEM200

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CEM200 2D Through-Wall Radar (TWR) is designed to meet the requirement of urban street battle,public security & anti-terrorist, hostage rescue and indoor human detection. It is able to quickly scan and detect the unknown area to accurately locate the target position and tell targe numbers. It features with high protection grade, small size, light weight, easy operation, good portability, strong penetrability and quick response, supporting split screen display for multiple mission application, mainly used by Police, Armed police, Army, Military, Fire fighter, Rescue team.

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Through wall radar system


urban street battle,public security & anti-terrorist, hostage rescue and indoor human detection


Light and compact, support knapsack pack

Ultra wide bandwidth, MIMO architecture, high resolution design, more accurate positioning

Able to detect live object behind wall/barrier of common material

Simultaneous detection and display of ≥ 5 targets

Building internal structure and layout mapping assist in situation analysis and awareness

Comply with GJB150A-2009 design standard,meeting the mission requirement in maximum

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Wireless remote control for detection and display,stand-alone screen supports tactical application for long-playing monitoring and synergetic observation

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mga butang Teknikal sukaranan
Detection mode Tinuod nga panahon duha nga sukat positioning, dungan Pagkakita of pagbalhin ug Walay pulos target
Penetrable mga Materyal Konkreto, gipalig-on kongkreto, semento ,plaster, gisagol tisa, kahoy, adobe, stucco ug sa uban nga mga dili mental nga sumbanan building materyal nga
Detection range 20m(Static buhi object);  30m(moving buhi object) @37cm brick&concrete Kuta
FOV 120 ° in Azimuth, 90 ° in Gitas-on
Protection grado IP67
Working Temp -20 ~ + 50 ℃
nga kabahin 340 x 247x 130mm
Timbang ≤3Kg

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