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Novasky Handheld Pinaagi sa sistema sa dingding -CEM100

Pagbalhin nga Target speed Distance direksyon dalom-líyok

CEM100 handheld through wall radar is a vital sign detection device based on UWB radar technology and biomedical engineering technology. This product has the advantages of small size, light weight, easy to carry, and supports wireless remote control. It can detect multiple targets behind wall or in building ruins, and display the target distance in real time, which is widely used in emergency detection and search tasks in special industries such as firefighting, armed police, border defense, street fighting to achieve rapid target search and positioning.

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Pinaagi sa wall radar system


gubat sa kadalanan sa kasyudaran, seguridad sa publiko ug anti-terorista, pagluwas sa hostage ug pag-ila sa sulud sa tawo


Light weight and compact, hand-held fit design

Real-time detection& display of moving and static targets

Able to detect live object behind wall/barrier of common material

Maximum up to 3 targets detection and display simultaneously

Support screen-off detection and alert, reducing the risk of operator

Provide clear and intuitive detection results for strategy making

Wireless remote control for detection and display, stand-alone screen supports tactical application for long-playing monitoring and synergetic obserbasyon

Comply with GJB150A-2009 design standard, meeting the mission requirement in maximum

nga kahimtang

paghingalan, pagtinagsa



Penetrable materials


Concrete, reinforced concrete, cement, plaster, mixed brick,

wood, adobe, stucco and other non-mental standard building

materyal nga

Sakup sa pagkita


20m(static living object)

30m(moving living object) @37cm thickness wall



120° in Azimuth, 90° in Elevation

Ipakita ang modelo

Presence of static & moving targets, quantity and real-time



Multi-target detection




nga kabahin


Ang grado sa pagpanalipod


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