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Novasky Omnidirectional Jammer–SC-JA1000

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Omnidirectional Jammer blocks the communication link between the drone and the remote controller by transmitting electromagnetic wave signal and interrupts the drone receiving satellite navigation signals. Featured with 360-degree full jamming coverage at real time, omnidirectional jammer support long-term protection and extreme high security level guarantee

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Drone Jammer


Pag-deploy sa estasyon sa syudad,Paghilabot sa signal sa drone


Multi-band interference: Function on frequency including 800MHz, 


High jamming g efficiency: Specially designed for mainstream UAV, the interference distance is calibrated with the UAV with strong anti-interference ability to ensure countermeasure effect.

Highly integrated: Jammer amplifier, multi-band antenna, control board, are integrated all in one, without external connection

All-round Protection: 360° jamming capability, superior performance in close-range protection

paghingalan, pagtinagsa
detalye Parameter
Pag-jamming range ≥1Km(@ Targte uban sa 0.1W TX gahum)
Pagbalhin Gahum matag frequency band≤30W
Operasyon frequency 900MHz、1.5GHz、2.4GHz、5.8GHz
Sakop 360°
Interference-signal ratio 10: 01
Gahum Supply AC110 ~ 220V
komunikasyon interface Ethernet
Sektor antenna Numero ≥8
Working temperatura -20 ~ + 60 ℃
Protection Klase IP65
Timbang nga kabahin 20kg
nga kabahin D480mm * H288mm

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