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Novasky ručni sistem kroz zid –CEM400

Moving targetbrzinarastojanjepravacazimut

CEM400 is a 3D Imaging through wall radar, majored for gathering real-time and accurate intelligence of live objects from behind solid walls or barriers to help the mission executor determining the necessary tactical planning with crucial information including life presence of both moving and static target, target location, target numbers, target moving path,internal structure of the building. CEM400 delivers mission-critical information when and where it is needed, providing unprecedented situational awareness, which can effectively reduce the risk of casualties of combat personnel, conduct tactical assaults, and improve the combat missions success rate. It is applicable for a variety of emergency search and high risk combat mission carried by police, armed forces, law enforcement agencies, search and rescue organizations, etc.

Serija :

Through wall radar system


urban street battle,public security & anti-terrorist, hostage rescue and indoor human detection


Provides three-dimensional coordinates and target status, real-time display of single target

and multi-target in static or moving

Quick start detection and display of both moving and static live target in real-time

Able to detect live object behind wall/barrier of common construction material

Wireless remote control and display for stand-off operation, improving the security of operator

Building internal structure and layout mapping assists in situation analysis and environment


Protection level, anti-dropping, high-low temperatures performance is comply with GJB150A-2009

spec Parametar
Penetrable materijala Beton, ojačan beton, cement, plaster, pomešano cigla,
drvo, Adobe štukatura i drugi ne-mentalno standard zgrada
otkrivanje domet 20m(static život object)
30m(moving život object)@37cm cigla & beton zid
FOV 120 ° in Azimuth, 90 ° in visina
prikaz model 3D, 2D, strana pogled, cilj lokacija i visina
orijentacija Tačnost <3 °
rezolucija Opseg: 10cm, preći domet : 30cm@10m
dimenzija i težina 560×540×120mm,7kg
zaštita razred IP67


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