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Vehicle Warning | Nanoradar 80GHz Traffic Flow Radar TCR300 Helps Smart Transportation Construction

August 29,2022


TCR300 is a compact 80 GHz high-performance traffic flow monitoring radar , which uses the frequency difference between the transmitted radio wave and the echo to accurately measure the speed, distance, angle and other information of the target. TCR300 adopts a number of advanced technologies such as DBF digital beamforming, MIMO virtual synthetic aperture, long- and short-range dual-mode detection, etc. It has the characteristics of high precision, easy debugging, and high stability. The radar can detect 4~6 lanes and 128 targets at the same time. , The longest detection distance can reach 350 meters, which can be widely used in application scenarios such as highway traffic monitoring , intersection monitoring , and oncoming vehicle warning.We have a wide range of traffic radar products.

Business Challenges

At present, traffic accidents at intersections account for more than 70% of accidents in urban areas. Due to line of sight problems at main roads and fork roads, the two lanes cannot detect each other’s vehicles in time, resulting in tragic cases of blood and tears.


With the accelerated pace of national transportation construction, during the actual construction process, the traffic cannot be completely blocked for construction. The large traffic flow and the excessively fast speed make the safety of the construction site personnel unable to be guaranteed, and the on-site construction cannot be detected in time by incoming vehicles accident.

Current Approaching Warning Methods



Guangzhou Kunlong is equipped with Nanoradar ‘s TCR300 millimeter-wave radar for early warning of incoming vehicles. It can detect risk targets at a distance of 200 meters from the fork and construction site, and give early warnings to avoid traffic accidents.

According to the target trajectory of the current oncoming vehicle, it decides whether to warn or not to ensure safety and reduce traffic congestion. Avoid inconvenient observation of construction personnel and oncoming vehicles under harsh conditions such as night, fog, heavy rain, etc., resulting in traffic accidents in the blind area of “vision”, and successfully ensure the safety of construction personnel and vehicles.

Product advantages

80GHz band

Perfectly stagger the 77GHz frequency band of the vehicle-mounted millimeter-wave radar to avoid the same-frequency interference of the millimeter-wave radar.

MIMO system

Using 3 transmit and 4 receive 12-channel integrated planar microstrip array antenna, the receiving antenna contains 72 vertically polarized antenna units, and the transmitting antenna contains 326 vertically polarized antenna units , to achieve 0° ∠ 0.2°, 45° ∠ 1° angular resolution.

Simultaneous detection of 4 to 6 lanes

One radar can realize the requirement of early warning of vehicles coming at the fork and construction site.

Strong adaptability to the environment

It can work effectively in the environment of -40~70 degrees Celsius, meet the requirements of IP66 protection level, and will not be laid off in bad weather.

Easy to install and integrate

Comes with RS485, WLAN, 12V DC interface , small size, light weight, convenient for integrated development .

Customer benefits

By integrating sound and light alarm, GPS high-precision positioning, video surveillance, millimeter-wave radar and 5G wireless communication technology, it can accurately and real-time feedback the traffic at the turnout and the road safety status of the construction site, and carry out early warning analysis and judgment and sound and light alarm. And upload the data to the terminal platform to realize ” 5G + smart transportation “.

We also have other radars, such as automotive radar ,uav radar,security radar,uwb radar,etc.Please contact the radar manufacturer if you need.