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Smart Large Wide Angle SR73F Millimeter Wave Radar

April 30,2022

The all-purpose “little” assistant for construction machinery


The SR73F 77GHz short range low speed 77GHz millimeter wave radar developed by Nanoradar Technology, which adopts advanced MIMO radar system, can output up to 1920 obstacle information per second, detection distance 0.2-40m, detection angle 112°, range accuracy ±0.1m, can effectively detect moving/stationary targets, output obstacle distance, speed, angle and other information It can meet the needs of all kinds of engineering vehicles/machinery in forward obstacle avoidance, backward obstacle avoidance, blind area detection, automated operation, etc.

Forward Obstacle Avoidance


Backward Avoidance


Blind Area Detection


Automatic Operation


Commercial vehicles and household vehicles have gradually started to enter the era of intelligent driving, and millimeter wave radar, as an essential sensor component, has gradually matured in application. However, for the field of construction machinery, millimeter wave radar has not been popularized and landed due to many problems such as price, customization and field support services.77GHz millimeter wave radar supplierNanoradar Technologies has optimized the SR73F 77GHz millimeter wave radar algorithm and driver for this customer pain point, in order to adapt to the customer’s various application requirements.

MIMO regime:2 transmitting and 4 receiving radar antennas with a total of 8 channels are used, which can achieve higher angular accuracy.Large detection angle:horizontal coverage of 112°, one radar can replace multiple narrow-angle radars, meeting most of the application requirements.



Strong environmental adaptability:it can work effectively in -40~70 degrees Celsius environment and meet IP67 protection level requirements.Multi-target precision detection:up to 64 tracking targets can be output with a range accuracy of up to ±1m to meet all kinds of high precision positioning applications.



Easy to install and integrate:small size, light weight, easy to install and common protocol.Software-defined radar: supportalarm zone division, support detection target number customization, support baud rate customization, support target clustering size customization, support protocol customization and other kinds of software requirements.

Specification Table


Excellent product development guarantee

Each CBB module has been verified by3+ productsin various extreme environments for more than 2 years, and the hardware design stability, robustness, and reliability can meet the various stringent requirements of customers.The original iRadar (radar common drive algorithm platform) and RATS (field data acquisition analysis and test system) software platforms, through agile iterative development, can realize the rapid development and verification of different product features, support the rapid implementation of customer requirements,shorten the R&D cycle by more than 30%, and reduce the product failure rate by more than 26%.Using the core idea of lean production to create a flexible manufacturing system, professional production team, strict quality assurance system, product quality can be traced throughout the whole process, each product is through5 quality inspection process, more than 10 quality inspection processstrict inspection, to ensure the quality of each product.

Nanoradar Technologies has faster response times, more flexible application configurations, more stable radar systems, and leaner maintenance manpower, all so that customers can have a more cost-effective radar.


About Nanoradar Technologies

Nanoradar Technology was founded in 2012, focusing on the UAV, security, automotive, industrial and other applications of millimeter wave radar research and development, production, sales in one of the high-tech enterprises, the core team of personnel from the University of Electronic Science and Technology, National University of Defense Technology, Huawei and other universities and companies, the key areas of technology responsible for more than 10 years of radar experience, has obtained more than 40+ invention patents, product coverage 24GHz, 60GHz, 77GHz, 79GHz and other frequency bands, with MIMO system millimeter wave ray, cognitive radar as the main technical direction, successfully developed more than 10 millimeter wave radar products, detection distance covers 30 ~ 450 meters, security radar can identify walking human targets more than 85%, products sold to more than 10 countries, to achieve annual growth of 3 times, is the leading domestic millimeter wave radar manufacturer in China.