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Small but Extraordinary – Medium-Range Multi-Target Speed Early Warning Radar Module

February 23,2022

With the rapid development of road traffic, especially the rapid increase in the number of motor vehicles in cities, many traffic problems and safety hazards have been brought about. Especially in places where traffic departments cannot manage such as internal roads in schools, enterprise parks, industrial parks, and internal roads in communities, speeding, reverse driving and other phenomena occur from time to time, often causing internal road congestion and pedestrian safety problems, causing serious road safety problems. big impact.

School/Park/Industrial Zones Radar Speed Measurement

Market demand drives technology development, and for a series of management problems in internal roads, a small Leivision all-in-one machine is undoubtedly the best solution. Nanoradar medium-range multi-target radar MR62 has both ranging and speed measuring functions, which can effectively improve the capture rate and accuracy on the target road, and avoid the problem of aerial photography and retakes.

Nanoradar  MR62 60GHz millimeter-wave radar adopts an advanced MIMO radar system and can send up to 32 targets information simultaneously with a detection range of 2-90 meters, a detection angle of 56 °, and a ranging accuracy of ± 0.4 meters. It can detect the speed ± 200km/ h. It can give information such as target distance, speed, and angle to meet the needs of multi -lane speed measurement, vehicle warning at fork, and vehicle flow statistics.

Using advanced AI algorithm, it can effectively identify large and small cars, non-motor vehicles and people to prevent missed shots and retakes.Using 3 transmitters and 4 receivers, a total of 12 channels of radar antennas are used to effectively improve the accuracy of ranging and speed measurement.The vehicle capture position is within ±4m, and the consistency is greater than 99%.Automatically identify the driving direction of the vehicle: coming, going, two-way.The radar size is 48*58mm, light weight, easy to integrate, and the protocol is universal.Strong environmental adaptability, radar performance is not affected by harsh environments such as light, dust, rain, snow, and haze.Support alarm zone division, support for the customization of the number of detection targets, and support for the customization of the baud rate.




Excellent product development guarantee

Through modular design, a public CBB is constructed. Each CBB module has been verifiedby 5+ products invarious extreme environments for more than 5 years. The stability, robustness and reliability of the hardware design can meet various stringent requirements of customers.The original iRadar (Radar Universal Driving Algorithm Platform), RATS (On-site Data Acquisition Analysis and Testing System) software platform, through agile iterative development, can realize the rapid development and verification of different product characteristics, support the rapid implementation of customer requirements, andshorten the development cycle by 30 % Above, the product failure rate is reduced by more than 26 %.Core idea of lean production to create a flexible manufacturing system, professional production team, strict quality assurance system, product quality can be traced throughout the whole process, each product has passed5 quality inspection processes, and more than 10 quality inspection processesare strictly inspected to ensure the quality of each product.


Nanoradar technology has faster response time, more flexible application configuration, more stable radar system, and more streamlined maintenance manpower, all in order to allow customers to have more cost-effective radar.


About Nanoradar

Nanoradar Technology was established in 2012. It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D, production and sales of millimeter-wave radar in the application fields of UAV, security, automobile, and industry. The core team members are from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, University of National Defense Science and Technology, Huawei and other universities and companies have more than 10 years of experience in radar in key areas, and have obtained more than 20 invention patents. The products cover 24GHz, 60GHz, 77GHz, 79GHz and other frequency bands, mainly MIMO system millimeter wave radar and cognitive radar. Technical direction, successfully developed more than 10-millimeter wave radar products, the detection range covers 30-450 meters, and the security radar can identify more than 85% of pedestrian targets. One of the largest millimeter-wave radar manufacturers.