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Radar Perimeter: 3 minutes to get up to speed

March 22,2022

What is millimeter wave detection radar?

Millimeter wave (mmWave) is a special class of radar technology that uses short wavelength electromagnetic waves, between centimeter and light waves, with small size, light weight and high spatial resolution, better than visible light waves of smoke, fog, dust penetration ability, all-weather and other characteristics. The electromagnetic wave signal emitted by the radar system is blocked by objects in its transmission path and then reflected, and by capturing the reflected signal, the radar system can determine the distance, speed and angle of the object.

Millimeter wave area security radar systemsinclude transmit (TX), receive (RX), radio frequency (RF) components, and analog components such as clocks, as well as digital components such as analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), microcontrollers (MCUs), and digital signal processors (DSPs).

Security radar work through the signal generator local oscillation to generate modulated signal, and then by the transmitter directional emission modulated signal, this modulated signal through the environment of different objects (including the ground, buildings, vehicles, people and other detection area of all obstacles) reflection, by the radar receiver to capture the echo signal, and between the radar transmitter and receiver to build an all-round three-dimensional detection area; through the echo signal Through the mixing, filtering and elimination of the echo signal, the noise signal such as ground clutter is eliminated and the change signal caused by the real target in the environment is filtered out, and the early warning or alarm signal is resolved and output.


Figure 6 Millimeter wave area detection security radar

Millimeter wave radar has been developed since the 1940s, and millimeter wave radar for airport traffic control and marine navigation emerged in the 1950s, showing superiority in high resolution, high accuracy, small antenna aperture, etc. After decades of development and technological innovation, it has become a very mature and advanced detection system in technology, technique and application. According to the ISM (Industrial Scientific Medical) Band defined by ITU-R (ITU Radiocommunication Sector), the 24GHz band is the common ISM band for all countries, which belongs to Free License, no license is required, and can be It is widely used in industrial, scientific, medical and other fields.

Millimeter wave security radar as a new and innovative technology, compared to traditional security systems with strong anti-interference ability, high sensitivity, environmental adaptability, detection distance, low comprehensive cost and other advantages, can be widely used in military defense detection, prison area / perimeter prevention, petrochemical area monitoring, airport area security, electricity, aviation and other high-grade security requirements of a variety of industries. This foreign start earlier, there are many types of products, well-known foreign brands such as the United States Spotter RF, Germany’s innosent, etc., the domestic brand Nare Technology NSR200/NSR100W/NSR300W; Nare Technology radar video integrated machine in the domestic judiciary, prisons, petrochemicals, airports and other fields have practical applications, to provide reliable security industry The Nanoradar Technology NSR200/NSR100W/NSR300W are domestic brands.

Comparison of multiple detection technology regimes



From a variety of security technology means can be found, whether from the ease of installation, environmental adaptability, target detection capabilities, intelligent applications, technological advances, costs and other aspects of comparison, security radar have comprehensive advantages.

Nanoradar Technology: NSR200, maximum traverse 250 meters (human target), horizontal narrow angle 20 °, designed for perimeter; designed with 24GHz band, no authorization required, supports more than 5 kinds of alarm interfaces, can output accurate information such as distance, angle and speed of the target at the same time, convenient for quick linkage of optoelectronic devices such as dome machines, AI algorithm can effectively reduce false alarms, support protection alarm definition. You can flexibly define the alarm area, warning area, shielding area,

IP66 design, can meet the perimeter all-day, all-weather use. Key features.

(a) Pedestrian target crossing detection up to 250 m, with a horizontal detection angle of 20°.Support for radar web, allowing direct access and management of radar and setting of alarmRich physical interfaces Ethernet, RS485, Relay_out*2, IO_out*2, IO_in, LEDs, field driveable audible and visualSupport for radar communication protocols, SDKs, web APIs and other protocols and development packages for flexibleActive radar search for target information, support for guided camera screen positioning and continuous target tracking, which can significantly reduce the pressure of manualMeet 7x24h real time protection, adapt to all kinds of bad weather such as rain, snow, haze, sand, dust and smoke.