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Nanoradar Technologies will soon launch a lightweight version of its 77GHz compact traffic monitoring radar, the TCR300

March 21,2022

Pioneering multidimensional information fusion and complementary intelligent transportation, all-weather, high-precision, intelligent identification


The Nanoradar Technologies TCR300 is a compact 77GHz high performance millimeter wave radar for traffic flow monitoring that employs a number of advanced technologies such as FMCW modulation mode, highly integrated MMIC solution, DBF digital beam synthesis, virtual synthetic aperture, and dual mode detection at near and far distances.

The array signal is processed by using advanced digital signal processing techniques, resulting in super-resolution and low sub-flap performance. The low sub-flap technology makes the radar less susceptible to ground clutter and interference from targets outside the main beam, significantly improving the signal-to-noise ratio of radar detection targets. The advanced three-shot, four-collection planar microstrip array antenna is able to accurately measure the speed, distance, angle and direction of the target, and with extremely low power consumption (4W), it can detect 4-6 lanes of traffic simultaneously, track up to 128 targets simultaneously and reach a maximum detection distance of 280m.

It can be widely used in highway traffic monitoring, intersection monitoring and other application scenarios to achieve all-weather, high-precision intelligent monitoring.


TCR300 Traffic Flow Radar Basic Parameters


Intelligent traffic monitoring, multi-dimensional information fusion complementary to lay the foundation for smart city realization

Supports lane monitoring of traffic flow, speed, distance and angle statusThe upper computer supports external camera for video connection to do visual intelligent monitoringSupport remote upgrade of radar to solve customer’s worries


The Nanoradar Technologies Traffic Flow Monitoring Radar TCR300 monitors traffic status in real time and can be installed at key junctions or road sections for the purpose of assisting in road management.


Intelligent recognition algorithms to optimize traffic flow monitoring

Support automatic vehicle type recognition, distinguishing between large and small vehicle traffic situationsThe problem of large vehicle splitting is solved by intelligent algorithmThe problem of false alarm caused by bad weather such as high wind and rain can be well handled by intelligent algorithm


Product features:

1.) Support bi-directional 4-6 lane multi-target (128) track tracking and target visualization, depth of 280 meters;

2.) Support all-weather environment work, not affected by rain, snow, fog, wind, dust, light, etc.;

3.) Built-in intelligent algorithm, support intelligent identification function, support the monitoring of radar detection target information and video

The monitoring screen is displayed in the upper computer interface;

4.) Support multi-target position, lane, speed, direction and other information detection;

5.) Support a variety of road traffic flow monitoring functions;

TCR300 traffic flow radar is a traffic monitoring radar developed by Hunan Nanoradar Technology Co., Ltd. It adopts advanced MMIC and signal processing technology, with high accuracy, low power consumption and high stability, and can be widely used in the field of road flow and event monitoring system. It can effectively improve road control capacity and traffic efficiency, and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents and incidents.