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Make imaging clearer: Nanoradar iMage series SR75 4D imaging radar

August 29,2022

Nanoradar released its self-developed iMage series SR75 77GHz short-range low-speed 4D imaging millimeter-wave radar on July 12, 2022. It is a kind of car radar .

SR75 adopts advanced MIMO radar system, can output up to 15,000 point cloud information per second, the detection angle is up to 150° , the angle measurement accuracy is up to ±0.4° , it can effectively detect moving/static targets, and output obstacle distance, speed, angle. It focuses on the applications of forward obstacle avoidance, backward obstacle avoidance, blind spot detection, and automated operations of various types of 0~60km/h vehicles.

Innovative Height: Realizing Height Detection

Different from the traditional millimeter-wave radar, the SR75 4D millimeter-wave radar has the ability to measure the height of the target and can measure the height information of the target. It can assist in the measurement to effectively distinguish various obstacles on the road, such as manhole covers, tires, roadblocks, road signs and other targets.

Innovative VAR Technology: Enabling Point-to-Target Imaging

By adopting a hardware platform with better performance and innovative VAR (Virtual Aperture Radar) technology, compared with the SR73F 77GHz millimeter-wave radar, the SR75 4D millimeter-wave radar greatly increases the output from 256 target points to 15,000 target points per second, which is a leap from target point to target imaging.

At the same time, the SR75 4D millimeter-wave radar uses more advanced technologies, including MIMO technology, adaptive waveform dynamic adjustment, multi-scene switching applications, multi-dimensional sensitivity adjustment, adaptive frequency agility , etc., and can be widely used in sanitation vehicles (sweeping vehicles). Anti-collision applications for 0~60km/h vehicles such as mining vehicles, agricultural machinery, golf carts, airport shuttle vehicles, express logistics vehicles, luggage transport vehicles, patrol robots, and catering robots.

Product Features

MIMO system: 3 transmitters and 4 receivers are used for a total of 12-channel radar antennas to achieve higher angle measurement accuracy in the horizontal and elevation planes.

Large detection angle: horizontal coverage is 150°, and elevation coverage is 30°, meeting most application requirements.

Strong environmental adaptability: It can work effectively in the environment of -40~70℃ and meet the requirements of IP67 protection level.

Accurate multi-target detection: It can output up to 15,000 point clouds per second, and the ranging accuracy is as high as ±0.05 meters, meeting various high-precision positioning applications.

Easy installation and integration: small size, light weight, easy installation, and common protocols.

Software-defined radar: Support 4+ application scenario switching, area filtering, angle filtering, speed filtering, zone division, multi-scene switching application, multi-dimensional sensitivity adjustment, angle/distance compensation, partition sensitivity adjustment and other software requirements.

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