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How to choose low-speed vehicles radar sensors?

February 21,2022

What application do low-speed vehicles mainly cover?

 “Low-speed unmanned vehicle” refers to: the application scenario is relatively simple and fixed, and the speed is lower than 50 km/h. The main application areas include campuses, scenic spots, parks, airports, mines, etc.; Logistics and distribution, mining, agricultural machinery, catering and retail services, etc., are divided into two categories: manned and cargo.

“1+N” Safety Assisted Driving Solution for Low-speed Vehicles

Nanoradar’s “1+N” safety assisted driving solution for low-speed vehicles uses a 77GHz medium and short-range forward radar independently with multiple 77GHz/24GHz short-range radars, which can realize FCW, RCW, EAF, ACC, AEB and other functions, solving the problem of difficulties in anti-collision of forward, backward, blind spot and AB column blind spot in low-speed vehicle ADAS system design. This solution can be flexibly configured according to the coverage area, set the danger alarm level according to the distance, and provide audio and photoelectric early warning, which can actively eliminate hidden dangers, prevent accidents, and ensure safety.


How to choose radar sensor?

SR73-F is a short-range anti-collision radar in Nanoradar’s 77GHz millimeter-wave radar sensor series: the antenna adopts multiple transmission and multiple reception design, and outputs 64 targets at the same time, with a detection distance of 40 meters, a detection angle of 112°, and an angular accuracy of ±0.5°. The product has the characteristics of small size, large angle, strong anti-interference, high stability, easy integration and cost-effective performance. It can meet the rapidly growing demand for safe assisted driving in low-speed special vehicles, robots and other fields.

MR76 is a cost-effective 77GHz forward mid- and long-range millimeter-wave radar from Nanoradar. The product adopts an integrated design, which effectively saves more than 30% of the cost. It adopts advanced MIMO technology, the detection distance can reach more than 170 meters, and the angular accuracy is as high as ±0.1° . It is small in size, high in sensitivity, stable in performance, and easy to integrate. Cars, passenger cars, special vehicles and other forward collision warning needs.

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