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Novasky Radar Life detector system –DN-IV

Moving Target Speed Distance Direction Azimuth

The DN-IV the new-generation one with two-dimensional positioning radar life detector is a low-frequency ultra-wide band MIMO architecture life detection radar launched by Novasky for the task of quickly searching and locating living organisms in the disaster scenes such as earthquake and landslide. The device adopts MIMO technology, and has the advantage of strong penetration ability and strong real-time positioning ability for ruins. It can simultaneously obtain the two-dimensional coordinate information of multiple trapped human targets in the detection area, which is conducive to the accurate rescue of on-site rescue. It can be widely used in search and rescue tasks in industries such as firefighting, USAR team, earthquake, civil defense, electric power, petroleum, petrochemical and other industries.


Radar life detector system


Stabilizing vehicles in just seconds Strong Penetrability Sensitive Great performance Accurate Easy to use Lightweight


Radar SystemUWB MIMO system radar
Antenna TypeEnhanced medium-coupling UWB antenna
Work Frequency400MHz
Detection ModeReal-time two-dimensional positioning, three-dimensional positioning,

simultaneous detection of moving and static multiple targets
Numbers Of Detected Targets≥3
Penetrated MaterialsNon-metal materials like concrete,soil,rock,wood and the material with low water content
Detection Angle120°
Through-wall Detection DistanceWall thickness20~58cm

Detection distanceStatic objects: ≥20m

Moving objects: ≥25m
Remote-control DistanceIn open spaces: ≥100m
Detection AccuracyRadial: ≤0.3mTangential: ≤0.5m
Scan And Display

Scan the radar coverage area, and display the detected life movement and static state on the screen with difffferent graphics

Operating SystemAndroid
Work Temperature-20~+60
Dimension & weightComponentsRadar HostThree-proofing industrial grade PAD
Durable work time≥8h≥8h

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