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UAV Altimeter Radar

24GHz Altimeter Radar for UAV

NanoRadar 24GHz altimeter radar is featured with light weight, compact size, high sensitive, anti interference, easy to integration and a maximum accuracy of ± 0.02m, which can penetrate the fog, smoke, dust. It can realize all-weather, all-day and all-terrain applications and it is widely used in UAV/UAS, helicopters, and airships.

The altimeter radar has CAN/ UART interface. The CAN communication network interface is following the ISO11898-2 specification, the data transmission is more stable, the communication speed is 500Kb/s. The universal external communication interface for easy integration with host computer or other ADAS modules. URAT design compatible with the interface, the agreement to support customer needs. 

CAN protocol altimeter advantages:

■ The use of short frame structure, the effective number of bytes per frame is 8, the probability of interference is low

■ The transmission distance, the farthest can 10Km, 1Mbps speed communication distance up to 40m

■ Using two-wire serial communication, error detection capability, can work in high noise environment

■ Each frame of data has a CRC check and other error detection measures to ensure the high reliability of data transmission, suitable for use in high interference environment;