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Parking Gate Barrier Control

Barrier Control Radar Makes Safer & Efficiency Parking Management

Parking management is getting challenged along with increasing private vehicles in heavy populated cities. Various technologies are applied in parking gate control to ensure the safety and efficiency. However, the traditional loop detector faces tremendous challenge for safety concerns. So the microwave radar sensor now here to help.

The barrier gate radar includes trigger radar and anti fall radar. It adopts the international advanced high-speed digital signal processing technology and has the characteristics of high precision, easy configuration and high stability. The trigger radar can accurately identify the entering vehicle, then output signal to trigger the camera capture the license plate number of the vehicle then control the gate arm up or down. The Anti fall radar can intelligently identify human and vehicles, and precisely control the falling time of the gate barrier, which can effectively prevent hitting human and vehicles. The barrier gate radar sensor is a reliable solution for parking access control management system.


■ Advanced algorithm technology, which can distinguish human and vehicles with more than 95% accuracy , and prevent hitting human and vehicle.

■ Simple installation, no need to destroy the ground, greatly reducing the difficulty of construction and maintenance costs.

■ It has communication function of RS485 and WIFI , equipped with Web interface and APP of mobile phone , which is convenient and quick for parameter configuration.

■ Radar detection coverage can be adjusted, and it can effectively prevent escaping for charge.

■ Integrated design, small and light, easy to integrate inside & outside.

■ Strong environmental adaptability, radar performance is not affected by light, dust, rain and snow, haze and other harsh environment.

■ Long life-span: The life of the loop detector is generally 1~2 years, but the radar can reach 5~10 years.

Application for parking lots,exit & entrance, ETC charge, ports etc.