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Traffic Flow Radar TCR300

Moving Target Speed Distance Direction Azimuth

TCR300 is a compact 77GHz high-performance traffic flow monitoring radar, which uses the frequency difference between the transmitted radio wave and the echo to accurately measure the speed, distance, angle and other information of the target. TCR300 adopts many advanced technologies such as DBF digital beam synthesis, MIMO virtual synthetic aperture, far and near dual-mode detection, etc. It has the characteristics of high precision, easy debugging, high stability, etc. The radar can detect 8 lanes and 128 targets at the same time, with a maximum detection distance of 300 meters, and can be widely used in application scenarios such as highway flow monitoring and intersection monitoring.​


77GHz MMW radar


Traffic flow statistics、Whole process monitoring of bridges and tunnels、Safety distance control snapshot、Traffic cooperative safety early warning.


It supports two-way multi-lane multi-target trajectory tracking and detection, software real-time online simulation, lateral 4-6 lanes, longitudinal 300 meters;

It supports multi-target real-time speed monitoring, with a maximum of 128 targets and a speed measurement range of -200km/h ~ +250km/h;

It supports multi-row virtual coil setting, coil size and position software can be adjusted, and real-time output of vehicle presence information;

It supports multi-section lane-dividing statistical data output, including traffic, speed, occupancy rate, headway, maximum queue length, etc;

It supports traffic incident detection, including slow congestion, retrograde, abnormal parking, lane change, too close to the car, etc;

It supports customized data output;

It supports all-day and all-weather work, including rain, snow, fog, strong wind, ice, dust, etc;

It supports RJ45 Ethernet interface and RS485 serial interface, switching value;

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