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Multi-lane Speed Measuring Radar MR62

Moving Target Speed Distance Direction Azimuth

MR62 is the latest multi-lane speed measuring radar introduced by Nanoradar Science and Technology. It adopts 60GHz ISM frequency band, FM continuous wave system and multi-antenna transceiver technology, and can realize multi-lane (1 ~ 4 lanes) multi-target (32 targets) speed measurement with a detection distance of 90 meters. It can support lane division, output speed, distance, angle and target energy value, distinguish direction and destination, install compensation for lanes, and the speed measurement range and accuracy meet the national measurement standards.


60GHz MMW radar


Traffic speed measuring bayonet、Flow monitoring、Retrograde violation capture


60GHz ISM frequency range;

It supports two-way multi-lane multi-target trajectory tracking and detection, with 1-4 lanes horizontally and 90 meters vertically;

It supports multi-target real-time speed monitoring, with a maximum of 32 targets and a speed measurement range of-200km/h ~ + 200km/h;

It supports customized data output;

It supports all-day and all-weather work, including rain, snow, fog, strong wind, ice, dust, etc;

It supports TTL serial port communication, customizes communication protocol, supports radar parameter configuration, and supports configuration of detection area;

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