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X Band Ground Surveillance Radar-NSR1000W

Moving Target Speed Distance Direction Azimuth

NSR1000W ground surveillance radar is a long range ground surveillance monitoring radar, which can detect targets (people) from a range of up to 1.2km. It’s Mainly used in airports, prisons, critical venues for security alert, such as oil Wells, oil fields and pipelines and other key industrial facilities monitoring, border crossings, border security monitoring and other modern buildings and key area provides the high reliable safety protection.


Ground surveillance radar radar system


Military defense detection, prison area prevention, tank area monitoring, airport area security, Multisensor fusion


All-weather, 24/7, adapt to different environment.

1.Long range, wider angel coverage.

It adopts planar multi-antenna receiving antenna array, DBF digital wave speed synthesis, high accuracy of angle measurement and distance measurement.Single array covering range up to 90 degrees, four arrays can achieve full coverage of 360 degrees, detection range of human (RCS=0.5㎡) up to 1.2 km.

2.Support object type classification, multiple motion mode detection, low false alarm.

By using gaze technology, it can detect very slow moving targets, effectively detect various movement modes, and effectively suppress clutter, trees, grass and other clutter interference.

3.Low transmission power, low power consumption, safe. 

FMCW working system, low transmitting power, safety to human body, low power consumption.

4.Multi-target tracking, object trajectory tracking, support zone management, warning line management.

Radar support sustainable tracking of multiple targets, the maximum can detect 100 targets at the same time, can record and report each track.The radar defense area can be customized to support radar defense area management and alarm line management.

5.Adopt edge intelligent computing and environment intelligent perception to support radar networking. 

Adopt edge computing technology to intelligently perceive environment and intelligently configure radar algorithm. Support radar networking, facilitate integration with video surveillance equipment to realize radar & camera fusion.

6.Cost effective.

Mature and universal components, high reliability, high comprehensive cost performance.

FrequencyX band(9.5~9.8GHz)
Detection rangehuman(RCS 0.5㎡)≥1200m
Detection rangevehicle(RCS 10㎡)≥3000m
Horizontal accuracy1.5°
MIN detection speed0.3m/s
Distance resolution8m
Distance accuracy1m
Near range blind area18m(vehicle)
Power supplyDC 12V
Power interfaceAir plug
Data communication mode Ethernet
Communication interfaceAir plug

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