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Why is the radar video surveillance system so popular recently

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Problems and challenges faced by traditional security?

With the advancement of science and technology, people's awareness of existing security systems is more comprehensive, and more and more intrusions have become an urgent problem need to be solved worldwide. The existing security system has obvious problems, which is easily affected by the environment of weather (such as rain, snow, smog) and nighttime. It enable to grasp the specific situation immediately while invasion occurring, resulting in unnecessary waste of resources and the problems of high false positive rate and high false negative rate.

The main solution——video surveillance, NSR100WVF

Advantages:Video surveillance is an important part of security system. It is widely used in many occasions because of its intuitive, accurate, timely and rich information content.

Disadvantage:With the deepening of application, it will affect the detection result by false alarm, light and shadow changes, rain, snow, haze, sand and dust, background changes, occlusion and other circumstances, and it is non-active detection.

Current solution——Single radar detection

Advantages:MMW radar detects and targets by transmitting and receiving high-frequency electromagnetic waves. The back-end signal processing module uses the echo signals to calculate target information of the existence, velocity, direction, distance and angle of moving objects. Millimeter-wave radar has strong ability to penetrate fog,smoke and dust, with characteristics of all-weather (except rainy days) and all-day.

Disadvantage:MMW radar usually refers to the radar in the 30~300GHz frequency domain (wavelength is 1~10mm). The wavelength of MMW is between centimeter wave and light wave. It enable to see the clear and intuitive image of the target, so it is impossible to confirm the fine features of the intruding target. 、

A new security technology——Radar & Visual fusion

Radar vision fusion solution based on innovation

First Application of Radar Vision:MMW Radar and Vision Fusion Systems, making full use of the respective advantages of the sensors, give full play to their respective strengths.

Incorporate artificial intelligence technology:It can make full use of the distance given by radar detection and the column coordinates of the target.

The main components of radar video surveillance area alarm systems 

With the development of digitization, networking and intelligence in the current information society, digital video surveillance is gradually replacing analog surveillance and it is widely used in all walks of life.

The video surveillance system realizes the integration of video surveillance and conference, which can manage the remote equipment flexibly and effectively.

Through the application of remote monitoring objects with video recording, playback, linkage alarm, monitoring strategy formulation and emergency command , the dual functions of monitoring and communication can be achieved, and the requirements of remote monitoring and emergency command in traffic, oil fields, banks, and telecommunications can be fully met.

False alarm rate is low:It is not affected by light and shadow changes, rain, snow, haze, dust, background changes and occlusion.

Missing rate is low:It is active detection and prevention. It has the technology of intrusion target Intelligent distinction.

About Nanoradar:

Hunan Nanoradar Science &Technology Co., Ltd was established in Jan. 18th, 2012, focused on MMW intelligent sensors and radar series product development, production and sales.

Nanoradar mainly marketing on unmanned aerial vehicles, high-end security, intelligent transportation,automotive safety, unmanned driving and other fields, with products covering 24GHz, 60GHz, 77GHz radars. The rapid development of the company in recent years, Nanoradar has won wide range of customer groups in security, transportation, UAV and other industries.

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