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Up to 90m——New Generation 77Ghz MMW Obstacle Avoidance Radar for UAV from Nanoradar

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Recent years, UAV has been introduced in agriculture, electricity and other special industry with increasing demand. However, automatic collision avoidance is the long standing problem of UAV in its practical application. Accurate UAV autonomous obstacle avoidance system can minimize the accident of UAV damage, hurting people and building collision caused by inappropriate operation and sight problems.

To meet the urgent market demands, Nanoradar has built a real-time detection dual-beam 77GHz millimeter wave radar --- MR72 for UAV obstacle avoidance. It is suitable in automatic obstacle avoidance for UAV autonomous flight and fixed-point cruise in all-weather, all-time and all-terrain. MR72-UAV support simultaneous output of distance, speed and angle information of up to 50 target. Featured with low-cost, high accuracy, small& light and low power consumption, MR72-UAV is applicable in agriculture, power, industry, small airship and other fields.

Why choose the MR72-UAV 77GHz millimeter wave collision avoidance radar from Nanoradar?

*Long detection distance: up to 90 meters for target RCS 5㎡, and 40m for high voltage line;

*High detection accuracy: Compared with 24GHz radar, the range resolution of radar is improved up to three times, and better performance for obstacle recognition ability;

*Dual beams simultaneously working mode: Wide FOV in short-range mode ; long detection distance in mid-range mode;

*The pitch angle of mid-range mode is 15.6°, which is reduce ground clutter interference when the UAV tilt attitude;

*Strong anti-interference ability: not affected by light, weather, environmental, noise, and unmanned aerial vehicle electromagnetic interference;

*Compact size: 77GHz MMW obstacle avoidance radar is of small size, adaptive to various application;

Test example of MR72-UAV from Nanoradar:

MR72-UAV technical parameter:

Application scenarios:

About Nanoradar:

Nanoradar is established in 2012 which is specialized in developing, producing and selling millimeter wave radar for security, UAV, Automotive, Smart Traffic and other industrial application, which cover 24GHz, 77GHz and 79GHz radar senor. We have successfully developed 10+ models MMV radar products which is mainly based on the MIMO system ray and cognitive radar technology. Nanoradar’s radar sensor detection range covers 30-450meters. The accuracy is up to 85% for security radar to identify pedestrians. As leading MMV radar manufacture in China, Nanoradar product is hot-selling in the United of American, Korea, The united of Kingdom, France etc.

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