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UAV collision avoidance technology new breakthrough: high-voltage line stable 20 meters, beyond imagination

Time : 2017-04-08 Hits : 70

Unmanned aerial vehicles face the challenge:

All the time, UAV obstacle is a long-standing, and now on the market mainstream electric multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle obstacle system is mainly three, namely, ultrasonic, tof (laser radar ranging) and visual distance, all have more or less the problem.

SensorPrincipleAltitudeAccuracyAdaptive sceneAdvantageDisadvantage
ultrasonicsonar0.5~5m10cmrelatively highlow costranging distance is short, interference large
infrared laserTOF+3Dmodeling50m5cmrelatively highdark light conditions are very sensitive, the effect is betterinterference, strong light effect is very poor, high cost
visual sensecamera50m5cmlowhigh precision, imagingweather, sunlight, reflector greater impact
mmw radarcw<50m2cmhighenvironmental adaptability, all day and all weather wordthe accuracy is slightly higher relative to the vision

What is a millimeter wave radar?

The millimeter-wave radar detects the target by transmitting and receiving high-frequency electromagnetic waves. The back-end signal processing module uses the echo signal to calculate the target information such as the existence, velocity, direction, distance, and angle of the moving object. Millimeter-wave radar has a small size, light weight, high degree of integration, sensitive and other characteristics, its unique through the fog, smoke, dust, the ability to achieve all-weather, all-day application.

Millimeter-wave radar obstacle detection report:

Test time2017.03.31UAV platformA2Flight controlS550
TestersengineerTest product modelNRA24
Test placeoutdoor realityTesting scenariosoutdoor
Test method target
UAV installed a NRA24 mm wave radar sensor, NRA24 for UAV obstacle avoidance sensor
for different types of obstacles detection performance

Detection performance:

Single cable cable GB 2x4.0 square, stable tracking 7m, detection distance 10m; multi-strand cable (3 ~ 4) stable tracking 10 meters, detection distance 20m. General trees, detection tracking distance of up to 50m.

NRA24 as a UAV collison avoidance sensor for different types of target obstacles have a relatively stable detection effect, especially for other types of sensors (ultrasonic, laser, visual) compared to the millimeter-wave radar on the wire, glass wall detection Outstanding advantages, due to faster response time, 50Hz refresh rate, advantage is more obvious in moving platform.

NRA24 is a compact K-band altimeter / collision avoidance radar developed by Hunan Nanoradar with 24GHz ISM band, ± 2cm measurement accuracy, compact size, high sensitivity, light weight, easy integration, stable performance, applications in Flight platform (UAV / UAS), helicopters, small airships and other many areas, the product has been applied to dozens of UAV manufacturers.

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