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The distance of 250 meters continental radar ARS 408-21 incoming, Nanoradar developed the test software, and is authorized par

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Key technical indexes:

1.Distance range:0.20 - 250m far range,0.20 - 70m/100m @0...±45°near range and 0.20 - 20m@±60°near range

2.Resolution distance measuring:1.79m far range ,0.39m(0.20m@standstill)near range  -ability to separate targets and objects 1.5...2 x resolution

3.Accuracy distance measuring:±0.40 m far range,±0.10m(±0.05m@standstill)near range

4.Resolution azimuth angle:1.6°far range,3.2°@ 0°/  4.5°@±45°/ 12.3°@±60°near -ability to separate targets and objects 1.5...2 x resolution

5.Accuracy azimuth angle:±0.1°far range,±0.3°@0°/ ±1°@±45°/ ±5°@±60°near range

6.Antenna channels/principle:4TX/6RX = 24channels=2TX/6RX far-2TX / 6RX near/Digital Beam Forming

7.Velocity range :-400 km/h...+200  km/h(-leaving objects...+approximation)

8.Velocity resolution:0.37 km/h far field,0.43 km/h near range

Typical areas of application:

-Anti-collision protection for vehicles of every description(autonomous)

-Headway control also for far range(vehicles of every description,particularly autonomous)

-Area monitoring system for far range,e.g.of hazardous or non-accessible areas

-Classification of objects

-Object detection, confusing or unclear areas

Test software-NSM Tools

For the continental ARS 408-21, Nanoradar has developed a dedicated test tool, the test tool can simultaneously record the video, easy to use, test and analysis.

Product picture and packaging

Authorized Partner

Technical Consultation Wechat

Business Tel.:0731-88939916  Phone:13787781378(Wu manager)

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