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Successful launch of 77GHz short range radar for collision avoidance from NanoRadar

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Nanoradar has officially released 77 GHz short range radar for heavy equipment collision avoidance on 10th July 2019. SR73-F adopts advanced MIMO technology and can output 64 targets simultaneously, with a detection range of 40 meters, detection Angle of 120° and angle accuracy of ±0.5°, which can meet the requirements of various heavy duty equipment front/rear collision avoidance.

SR73F short range radar is a cost effective product which can effectively improve the core competitiveness of the customer's overall solution for heavy duty equipment collision warning.

SR73F Parameter:

Measuring performance                       to natural targets (non-reflector targets)
Distance Rang
0.20~40 meters(120°)
Distance Resolutionspot target, none tracking0.2 meter 
Distance Accuracyspot target, none tracking1. ±0.10 meter
Angle Resolutionspot target, none tracking±0.5°
Velocity Range
±18m/s(-leaving object, +approximation)
Velocity Resolutionspot target, none tracking±0.58m/s
Velocity Accuracyspot target, none tracking±0.3 m/s
Antenna Channels
2TX/4RX=8 channels
Cycle Time
Elevation beam-6dB14°
Azimuth beam-6dB112°
SR73F Dual beams (mid-range and short-range) work simultaneously and can not be switched. The detected targets are output in order of distance or RCS. By default, they are output by distance from near to far.
Operation Condition
Transmit frequencyETSI&FCC76…77GHz
Transmit capacityaverage/peak EIRP29.8dBm
Working Temp
Storage Temp
Protection class
1xCAN- High speed 500kbit/s

The“1+N”solution for heavy equipment collision warning:

The "1+N" solution for heavy equipment collision warning system combines a front 77GHz short- and medium-range radar and several side 77GHz short range radars, which can realize FCW (front collision warning), RCW (rear collision warning), BSD/LCA (blind spot detection/lane change assistance) and other functions, it can sufficiently solving the anti-collision difficulties in heavy equipment ADAS system, such as front, rear, blind area and AB column blind spot. This solution can be flexibly configured according to the coverage area, and the danger alarm level can be set according to the distance, it also provides audio and photoelectric early warning, which can actively eliminate hidden dangers, prevent accidents and ensure human safety.

Key technical characteristics:

Multiple T/R: 2T4R antenna are adopted, with higher angle measurement resolution, angle accuracy ±0.5°;

Multi-targets output: 64 tracking targets can be detected, and key targets are stable in the complex and dynamic application environment;

High range resolution: range resolution 0.5 meter;

Long detection range: vehicle detection is no less than 40 meters;

Large detection Angle: 120°;

High protection class: IP66.

Application Cases:

About Nanoradar:

Nanoradar, established in 2012, is specialized in developing, producing and selling millimeter wave radar for security, UAV, automotive, smart traffic and other industrial application. Our products covers 24GHz, 77GHz, 79GHz frequency band. We have successfully developed 10+ models MMW radar products. Nanoradar’s radar detection range covers 30-450 meters. The accuracy is up to 85% for security radar to identify pedestrians. As a leading MMW radar manufacture in China, Nanoradar products also well accepted in overseas market like US, Korea, UK, and France etc. 

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