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Nanoradar traffic early-warning radar to make travel safer

Time : 2022-01-24 Hits : 42

What scenarios is the speed warning radar suitable for?



• Reminder of traffic coming at turning roads and intersections
• Reminder of speed limit in hospitals, campuses, and parks

• Speed limit reminder on express-ways and urban roads

• Accident-prone areas




What are the advantages of speed feedback radar?

 • Adopt 24GHz MMIC technology, excellent anti-interference ability

Adopt advanced signal processing technology, sensitive speed measurement,response time ≤20ms

Using a flat-panel microstrip narrow-wave antenna with independent property rights, the speed is accurate and theaccuracy is better than 1km/h

Small size, light weight, easy installation and easy integration

It can cover1~4 lanes, distinguish the coming and going direction

Ability to monitor vehicle speed up to300m

Not affected by weather and light intensity, meeting all-weather and all-day application requirements


Traffic safety precaution and early warning system

Through the integration of speed measuring radar, LED display, sound and light alarm, it is upgraded to an active traffic safety prevention and control method, with more refined perception and smarter early warning, and a human-vehicle-road information coordination channel is built for all key intersections. Traffic participants provide all-weather, all-day smart safety warnings to create a safe and orderly road traffic environment.


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