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Nanoradar released an area detection radar security solution for oil depot protection

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【Abstract】To assure the production safety in oil depot, gas station and LPG(liquefied petroleum gas) station, the related competent department have continuously increased the investment in the construction of fire control, security check and security system. After that, the security system is constantly upgraded, and various new technologies and products are constantly applied to the security system of oil depot, gas station and LPG station.

The oil depot, gas station and LPG station are storing and selling inflammable and explosive products, which belongs to class “A” fire hazard, moreover, it’s very easy to cause safety accidents under the high-pressure operation condition. Therefore, safety and security is the top priority in the heavy management of oil depot. Such application environment comes with large area, many heavy metal barriers in the filed, complex surrounding conditions, and intrusion threats including vehicles and pedestrians etc.. No matter what security technology is in application, it will always be limited by its signal feature. Now the integration of multiple sensors like area security radar is deployed, possible intrusion threats are detected in advance for warning. With radar technology, we can provide an intelligent, on-time and active security solution for oil depot protection to ensure the safety and security.

Solution Introduction

Nanoradar NSR300WVF radar video integration security system, the radar detects and warns the target when it enters the defense area. At the same time, the accurate position of the target is recorded with the distance, angle and speed. The system integrates radar and video surveillance perfectly, bringing integration of the active detection, high sensitivity and visibility of both video and radar technology, which greatly improves the detection rate under complex environment of the system.

Solution Features:

Intelligent:It adopts intelligent algorithm, can actively learn, has the ability to independently distinguish the target and ability to adapt to circumstances, the system can be connected to a variety of customized platforms.

3D Protection:Video and radar and other multiple-technology fusion are adopted to create a 3D protection system, which can identify all kinds of moving targets within 300 meters.

Active Protection:The radar is actively transmitting out electronic-wave 8 times per second and receive back the reflected waves of the target for detection, then it obtains the target azimuth and distance. At the same time, real-time tracking target observation can be carried out through visual camera to identify the suspicious target and achieve the active alarm security.

Multiple Targets Track:The radar has the ability to detect and track up to 32 targets, and the radar supports synchronous output of more than 10 targets at the same time, providing the most accurate detection results in the shortest time.

System Software:The system is simple and easy to operate, and contains functions like defense area setting, real-time view, record and playback function of protection area etc.

Compatibility:With an open structure, it can be flexibly integrated to other platform by SDK or protocols. Functions such as alarm query statistics, alarm video output, alarm records,etc can be open to third party integration.

Application Case

At an are of 150m*400m surrounded by roads and centered on large metal buildings as photo above for reference, 2 sets of radar systems are installed in the position points and actively detect to the protection area. With radar detection range ±45 °, detection range 450 m, it can fully meets customer’s requirements. After the system is installed and set up, the radar system can track the moving humans and cars in the covered area continuously and clearly. The following is the software display interface.

Key Technologies

Digital Beam Forming Technology

Compared with traditional single-array radar, the transmitting power of digital multi-beam forming radar is much less than single-array radar for the same target detection distance. In other words, for the same transmitting power, the maximum target distance that the radar system can detect is greater than single-array radar.

Multiple beam radar pattern

DBF (Digital Beam Forming) technology can effectively increase the radar detection range, accurately measure the angle of the target, and effectively achieve the target tracking. Compared with analog multi-beam, digital beam forming technology has the advantages of low cost and easy realization of arbitrary beam.

Intrusion Target Intelligent Classification Technology

One of the reasons why radar shows outstanding advantages in security industry is that the radar has excellent dynamic target detection ability. However, the swaying trees and grasses can easily be detected by radar as targets, which are known as false alarm reports. In order to distinguish the targets, Nanoradar introduces the radar with intelligent classification based on AI learning , the algorithms collects a large amount of data for training algorithm model, achieving good classification effect in actual application. In this way the radar can effectively distinguish people, vehicles, and trees, etc.

NSR300WVF Product Specification:

About Nanoradar:

Nanoradar technology co., ltd. was founded on January 18, 2012, focusing on the research and development, production and sales of millimeter wave intelligent radar sensor.

Nanoradar’s radar sensor is mainly used in unmanned aerial vehicles, high-end security, intelligent transportation, automotive active safety and unmanned driving, industrial control and other fields. Our products covering 24GHz, 60GHz, 77GHz frequency band, we are developing rapidly in recent years, and we have a wide range of customer groups in security, transportation, uavs and other industries fields.

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