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Nanoradar Presents AIoT Security in 2021 Shenzhen CPSE

Time : 2022-04-28 Hits : 32

During December 26th-29th 2021, the 18th China Public Security Exhibition was held in Shenzhen China. With Novasky group companies, Nanoradar presents its AioT radar security and traffic monitoring products and solutions. 

Nanoradar Technology Moments at the expo:



The challenges for current camera video:

Video security data only realizes a single point of intelligence, and has not yet solved all security problems. There is a lack of effective multi-dimensional data fusion, and challenges such as environmental adaptability, non-user-friendliness, and un-efficiency need to be solved.


Severe weather: camera video can be easily affected by severe weather conditions, it is difficult to achieve all-weather detection;

False alarm: Like in the hot summer environment, a large number of mosquitoes, bucks, etc. can cause false alarms, identification errors, etc.;

Limited recognition: Due to environmental influences, long-range active early warning is limited, and videos are mostly used for video recording only.

AIoT empowers traditional security:


In the traditional security system, the compatibility of each platform system is quite low, and there is a lack of effective multi-dimensional data fusion in general security. 

AIoT (Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things) = AI (Artificial Intelligence) + IoT (Internet of Things);

AIoT integrates AI technology and IoT technology, generates and collects massive amounts of data from different dimensions through the Internet of Things and stores it in the cloud and edge, and then through big data analysis and higher forms of artificial intelligence to realize the digitization of everything and the intelligent connection of everything to realize multi-dimensional perception protection.

Microwave radar sensors usher in new vitality


Microwave is a special type of radar technology that uses short-wavelength electromagnetic waves. It has the characteristics of penetrating ability, all-weather, good environmental adaptability and so on.

The electromagnetic wave signal emitted by the radar system is blocked by the object on its emission path and then reflected. By capturing the reflected signal, the radar system can determine the distance, speed and angle of the object, target radar, etc.;

Active target identification, three-dimensional protection, can actively identify various moving targets, realize early warning and alarm.


Integrate artificial intelligence technology:  Use target ID, distance, angle, speed, type, and target coordinates given by radar to position camera video track and analysis.


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