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Bridge Anti-collision Guard | Nanoradar Technology Releases Active Bridge Anti-collision Warning Radar

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In recent years, with the rapid growth of the domestic national economy, the inland shipping industry has developed rapidly, and the inland shipping traffic has become very busy. Due to the limited navigable height of bridges in the channel, environmental factors such as night and bad weather, and human factors of ship drivers, accidents often occur that ships collide with bridges while sailing. Collision accidents seriously threaten the safety of bridges and waterways, disrupt the normal transportation order, and bring heavy management work to government departments such as maritime affairs and transportation.


Why do ships collide with bridges frequently?

lThe navigable water area has suddenly narrowed, and the navigable density of local ships has increased significantly;

lThe clearance under the bridge limits the clear height of navigation;

lThe change of the channel flow pattern increases the difficulty of passing ships;

lAt night, the bridge and culvert signs cannot be seen clearly, the outline of the bridge hole is not clear, and the bridge hole is selected by mistake due to the misleading setting of the bridge column lights.

How to solve the problem of ships colliding with bridges?


The intelligent anti-collision warning system for bridges based on millimeter-wave radar can detect long-distance ships in advance. Through track tracking and management, it can proactively issue early warnings for various dangerous behaviors of ships, improve the safety of bridges and waterways, and effectively avoidthe yaw ship touched the bridge and caused an accident.

The on-duty personnel can accurately understand the real-time navigation conditions of the waters in the bridge area, and effectively guide the ships to safely pass through the waters of the bridge area. In the event of ship yaw and superelevation, VHF, AIS, sound and light alarm, large-screen display, telephone contact and other early warning methods can be used to notify the ship to take measures to effectively remind its relevant behavior. In addition, the system also has built-in functions such as ship historical track playback, video capture playback and other functions, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of dangerous ship collisions with bridges.


What are the functions of the bridge anti-collision warning system?


What are the advantages of waterborne aerial survey radar?



What value can a bridge anti-collision warning system achieve?

  • Provide safety warnings to passing ships near the bridge,work on all-day and all-weather,no fear of wind, rain, fog, haze and dust.

  • Monitor the track of passing ships. If a yaw event occurs, the yaw ship can be warned by radio and AIS.

  • Effectively reduce the probability of the bridge being hit by ships during the operation period, prolong the service life of the bridge, and ensure the safety of the bridge.

  • The establishment of visual remote monitoring of bridges can realize the visual management of bridge facilities, navigation and other safety, and improve the management level.


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