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77GHz MMW Radar “1+N” Solution Helps to Fight Corona Virus on Unmanned Spray Disinfection Vehicles & Logistic Distribution Robotics

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What is 77GHz MMW Radar “1+N” Solution?

Nanoradar 77GHz MMW Radar “1+N” Solution adopts a medium/long range radar mounted in front and several short range radars on both sides and rear back to realize low-speed vehicle ADAS system functions: FCW, RCW, AEB, BSD/LCA etc. 

What radars is included 77GHz MMW Radar “1+N” Solution?

77GHz MMW Radar “1+N” Solution Features:

With a combination of mid-range & short-range 77GHz MMW radars from Nanoradar, vehicles can realize the functions like FCW, RCW, BSD, LCA etc to the safety driving requirement. The radar sensors accurately detect moving and static objects in blind areas, and activate collision avoidance warning system to remind drivers/operators. The radars can be configured based on different vehicle types, different alarm zones & alert distances. With integration with audio and visual camera, safety driving assistance system can always get things done before accidents.

Recommended Application:

Unmanned logistics distribution vehicle:During the corona virus epidemic, ordinary people can not enter the dangerous area, and the material transfer from the safe area to the dangerous area is an urgent problem to be solved. In addition, the workload of the staff in the dangerous area is huge, and transporting materials will consume more time and energy. Unmanned logistic distribution vehicle can transport materials quickly, improve the efficiency of transportation, and reduce the risk of infection of medical and staff.

Unmanned spraying disinfection vehicle:Unmanned Spraying Vehicle can put more focus on large area of ground / air disinfection, suitable for hospitals, schools, communities, epidemic prevention stations, factories, farms, business circles, storage logistics, parks and other places.

About NanoRadar:

Nanoradar, established in 2012, is specialized in developing, producing and selling millimeter wave radar for security, UAV, automotive, smart traffic and other industrial application. We have successfully developed more than 20 radar models  covering 24GHz, 60GHz, 77GHz, 79GHz frequency band.  As a leading MMW radar manufacturer in China, Nanoradar products also well accepted in overseas market like US, Korea, UK, and France etc.

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