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Smart Traffic Lighting Control

Smart Traffic Lighting Control

Traffic lighting control system is getting more attention as power energy is becoming so important, to an eco-friendly environment, high-efficient radar traffic lighting control is now in strong needs. With microwave radar to sense the traffic statics, the system can control smartly the on-off lighting. 

Benefits with Microwave Radar Sensors

■ High intelligent, great energy-saving

Due to the poor real-time control, the energy-saving efficiency of the current system is limited. With radar technology, the LED street lamps would be turned off in case of no vehicles or pedestrians. And the nearest LED street lamps woauld be on in accordance with the moving vehicles or pedestrians. 

■ Convenient & efficient engineering , lower maintenance cost.

For the current lighting control system, it is inconvenient for engineering and poor for the maintenance. Based on radar sensor and 4G/GPRS wireless network, radar traffic lighting control system could be more adaptable.

■ Efficiently extend the service life of street lamps.

During the night time with fewer vehicles and on the road section with fewer people, the radar traffic lighting control system can turn off those lights for energy-saving and enhancing the lifetime of lamps.