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Heavy-duty Vehicle Collision Avoidance

The Safety Warning System for Heavy-duty Vehicles

From seas to roads, from mines to harbors and from warehouse to construction sites, there are a large number of heavy-duty vehicles on the way to fulfill their tasks, however, continuous improvement of safety to those heavy-duty vehicles is getting quite important as those accidents are causing quite heavy losses. The traditional rear view camera system is getting challenged due to various environmental limitations. Now system with radar technology is helping to deliver a better & safer solution. Here taking mining vehicles as an example below:

Mining operation has always been a frequent accident field in construction machinery. Therefore, the safety of mining operations should be more of great concern. This kind of engineering vehicles are usually working in rugged ground, high dusty sites, and it comes with large blind area around to operator.

The radar system is very suitable for such high dust environment in mining area because of its high anti-disturbance capability and high stability, radar system application has been popular in mining heavy-duty vehicles.