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Novasky RF Scanner -SC-S3000/S5000

Moving Target Speed Distance Direction Azimuth

Novasky RF Scanner is developed to search&detect the moving target in low altitude (100~1000m) and super low altitude (under 100) in all-direction and all-weather. It can detect the UAV target and early warning by analyzing and recognizing the UAV control signal and data link return signal. What's more, multi-passive radar networking can realize direction and distance measurement for UAV and its controller. One passive radar can find the UAV direction by detecting its radiation electromagnetic wave signal. Two or more passive radar networking can cross cover a area where working UAV can be located by radiation electromagnetic signal or the control signal under triangulation measurement.


Anti-UAV Defense System


barracks, prisons, airports, oil depots, chemicals, military, residence,meetings, politicians' travels, gatherings, etc.


lPassive Detection

lAll Day, All Weather, All Direction Protection

lStructural Integration

lEasy Installation, Wide Application

lHigh Real-time Performance, Low Missing Alarm Rate

lWhite List Filtering


Product ModelSC-S3000SC-S5000
Detection Range3Km5Km
(@drone TX Power 0.1W)70MHz~6GHz70MHz~6GHz
Detecting Frequency RangeUAV digital transmissionsignal, UAV remote controlsignal, WiFi system UAV signalUAV digital transmissionsignal, UAV remote controlsignal, WiFi system UAV signal
Detection SignalAll direction 360All direction 360
Detection Direction≤3°RMS≤3°RMS
Detection AccuracyD 455 x H 265mmD 600 x H 300mm
Device DimensionLANLAN
Communication PortFixed installation/Fixed installation/
Installation MethodPortable tripod installationPortable tripod installation
Detection Time≤3s≤3s
Power SupplyAC110~220VAC110~220V
Power Consumption≤20W≤60W
Working Temperature-40℃~65℃-40℃~65℃
Protection ClassIP65IP65

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