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Novasky Handheld integrated detector & jammer SC-SJ1000M

Moving Target Speed Distance Direction Azimuth

SC-SJ1000M integrates detection, countermeasures, display & control, and power supply all in one. It solved the problem found in the traditional portable jammers which only rely on naked eyes searching for drones with high missing rate. The device is in small size, light weight, and has good mobility, which is suitable for low-altitude protection tasks for important meetings, large events, and daily patrols in fixed places, etc. It can be interconnected with Novasky Anti-drone Defense System command terminal and the integrated command platform through a wireless network at multiple levels and combining with other AUDS equipment, to intelligentlize the information fusion, and unify the platform management. In this case, all resource can be utilized in maximum to construct a new type of supervision network for drones.


Drone Jammer


Low-altitude protection tasks for important meetings, large events, and daily patrols in fixed places, etc.


Programmable: Software defined jammer, which can customize the interference frequency and bandwidth according to the mainstream market drones frequency band.

Passive Detection & Directional Control: It adopts radio detection which can detect the  2.4GHz and 5.8GHz mainstream drone in the market. The directional interference antenna design has strong directive and long interference distance.

Portable And Easy To Use: The product adopts lightweight materials, and easy to carry; one-button start design, simple operation, readily available.

Target Direction Finding & Warning: After identifying the drone target, the device can give sound and light warning, and it can display the drone model, orientation, reference distance and other information on LED screen.

Platform Management: Based on the new generation of the IoT information technology, the front-end equipment coordinate position, attitude orientation, and event logs are reported to the back-end management and control platform in real time, realizing a panoramic view of the situation. It can be extended to build a flexible low-altitude security system.


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