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About Hunan Nanoradar Science and Technology Co., Ltd:
Nanoradar is established in 2012 which is specialized in developing, producing and selling millimeter wave radar for security, UAV, Automotive, Smart Traffic and other industrial application, our radar sensor is covering 24GHz, 77GHz and 79GHz, we are successfully developed 10+ models MMV radar products which is mainly based on the MIMO system ray and cognitive radar technology.
Nanoradar’s radar sensor detect range is 30-450meters, the accuracy is up to 85% for security radar to identify human, our product is hot-selling in the United of American, Korea, The united of Kingdom, France etc. Nanoradar is a major MMV radar manufacture in China.

Nanoradar product line including:
1. 24/77GHz series of intelligent sensors and antennas
2. Traffic radar: multi-lane/multi-target radar speed device and traffic flow radar
3. Security radar: serialization area and low-and-mid altitude surveillance radar
4. Automobile Radar: SRR and LRR radar to meet the application demand of automobile active safety and autopilot
5. Unmanned aerial vehicle radar: UAV radar altimeter and anti-collision radar
6. Unmanned ship application: to provide unmanned ship avoidance radar